Crazy Kid From Germany — Alexander Weber

We are always on the lookout for upcoming and promising social media influencers and today we are introducing Alexander Weber and the numbers are very promising.

At the time of writing this article, Alexander has already gathered 46,228 followers on his Instagram profile @axlek . The followers are very active and the press is picking up on that. Over the past few weeks, numerous blog posts and online articles have shown up about this sudden rise in fame.

Promising growth

By looking at the SocialBlade statistics of @axlek , we can tell that the current growth rate is very promising and we wouldn’t be surprised if the follow-count will double in the next couple of weeks. The feed style is just something totally different than we are used to and a lot of people agree with us.

We’re super excited to see where Alexander will take this. Hopefully, Alexander will maintain this style and keeps uploading on a consistent basis, something that is one of the key-factors of gaining more fans.

The content

When we take a look at Alexander Weber’s Instagram profile we can see a lot of high-quality variating contents that shows moments that he spends time on the beach, his travels and few his photo shoots. The fans are loving it given the high-engagement rates and we’re excited for what his new content is going to be since for sure there’ll be a lot more to come!


We have done our research and saw that there are already some impersonation accounts, people that are trying to piggy-back on Alexander success. We hope that Instagram will take action soon by verifying @axlek .


Make sure to check out @axlek on Instagram and follow the page. It is very promising and Alexander may very well become the next A-list influencer within Alexander’s market.

Originally published at on September 13, 2018.

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